air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning denotes the cleaning of ducts that circulate cool and warm air around the house. Sometimes, it includes cleaning the components of the heating and cooling system of your home. Such components may include coils, furnace fans, heat exchangers, and so on.

duct cleaning

When to Call a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

Duct cleaning Calgary is important to keep the HVAC system of your home in good condition. However, how would you know when to call a professional? Well, here are the descriptions of some symptoms that indicate that you need to hire an HVAC mechanic.

  • Critters – Creatures such as insects, rodents, or birds often call ducts their home. If insects or animals are found in the duct, you should remove them safely and clean the debris left behind.
  • Dust – This is quite common in most houses. This is the most common home allergen. If the HVAC system has a considerable amount of dust, you must clean it. Dust collecting on the vents may not be an indication that ducts need to be cleaned. But this could be a sign that the filter of the furnace is not working correctly. Or the filter is not working properly. Replace the furnace filter every three months, along with occasional furnace cleaning in Calgary. It will decrease dust while enhancing efficiency.
  • Home renovation or new home – Have you recently moved into a new home? Has your home undergone a massive renovation? Debris from a renovation or new build can easily settle in the furnace system. And you need to remove it without delay.
  • Mould – Mould growth is common in the components of the heating and cooling system and the duct. If there is any sign of mould, like a musty odour, you need to do something more than just cleaning. You may even need to replace the contaminated area. Call a professional in the case where it seems that there is mould inside the system.

Before you book an appointment with a furnace duct cleaning Calgary professional, look for a recommendation from a trustworthy HVAC contractor. If you think that it needs cleaning, the professionals can provide you with the best solution.

Cleaning the air ducts is not always a necessity. But it is essential to be aware of the reasons why the system requires attention down the lane. You should also know the benefits you can reap by getting the system cleaned.

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