Common Reasons for Furnace Failure

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With the cold arriving nearer, checking your furnace is one of the must-do activities while preparing for the chilling weather. Malfunctioning of the heating system is a common problem, whether it’s residential or commercial. To prevent them, you should take proactive measures, and it is best to call furnace cleaning Calgary experts to handle this task. Whatever be the age of your furnace, it may pose various problems leading to safety hazards. Read on to know top furnace problems that may occur during its use.

Ignition Problem

Your furnace may stop operating if the electrical ignition system or the standing pilot light is out of sort. To know if the pilot light is fused, open the door of the burner chamber to find the tube. If the small flame is not there, it is likely to be out. A faulty ignition system can reduce the ability of your furnace to heat your home.

Dirty filters

A clogged filter due to dirt is one of the very common reasons if the furnace stops working properly. The cause could be your pets or gatherings in your house. So for this, you need to change the filters regularly to maintain the quality airflow of the furnace system and your home as well. Our furnace cleaning Calgary experts are always at your service to clean clogged filters or replace it, whichever is needed. 

Mechanical problems

Due to our busy routine, we often forget to maintain our important household appliances. If not taken proper care at the right you could face any kind of issue. If you experience any strange smells or sound from your furnace, immediately call furnace and duct cleaning Calgary experts, if you do not what the problem might be.

Clogged ducts

A blockage in the duct system is another common cause of furnace malfunctioning or failure. The ventilation or the ducts should be regularly cleaned to boost energy efficiency, increase air quality and enhance the smooth running of your furnace. 

Propane Gas Problems

Follow the gas line running from the inlet to the burners. If the hot water tank does not work, then they may a problem with the gas supply. Also, malfunctioning of the gas pressure regulator can be due to a damaged gas valve or feed.  Call for our professionals to get instant services at your doorstep. We are one of the best furnace cleaning Calgary agencies with numerous satisfied customers.

Circuits and Breakers

Check the power supply and the circuit breaker. If the screen of the thermostat is blank or the furnace has stopped working, see if the breaker blew a fuse. And check if the power cord is plugged properly into an outlet. 

Burner Flames

It is recommended to inspect your burners often to check if it is free from dirt and debris. The color of the flames is an indication if your burner is cleaned or not. If it is blue, then your burner is likely to be clean but if they are yellow, the burner may be dirty. To get your system cleaned properly contact with our furnace and duct cleaning Calgary service providers.

Heating Issue

If your furnace turns on and off too fast, then there could be accumulated dirt or the air filter is worn out. In that case, the filter should be replaced. Call for a furnace and duct cleaning Calgary expert if the problem still exists even after changing the filter.

If you are troubleshooting your furnace, never hesitate to contact a certified HVAC professional of furnace cleaning Calgary. We are always at your help when it comes to your family’s safety. We can replace it if any of the parts of your furnace needs to be changed. Let our contractor examine the whole unit and repair it with the best possible solution.