Refine your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Poor Indoor Air Quality is the indicator of unwellness and an unhealthy environment

You need to breathe in healthy air and environment. Awful air quality can generate health issues like fatigue, headaches, allergic reaction, nausea. It can even cause severe heart diseases, breathing problems, coughing, etc. So, proper and hygienic indoor air quality is needed to live a healthy life. Get in touch with the duct cleaning Calgary experts for fresh Indoor Air Quality at your home.

The genesis of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Dust and smoke– You may feel a problem breathing in and breathing out if your indoor air quality is heavy and loaded with dust and smoke. IAQ becomes unpleasant if the home is stuffed with dust. The quality of your IAQ is also determined by the working properties of your HVAC system, and the dust emitted by it. 

Domestic gases– The use of domestic gases leads to the generation of poor indoor air quality. The natural gas that is used for cooking contains a high amount of radon (1000 becquerels per cubic meter) which affects the quality of your indoor air immensely. 

Volatile organic compounds- Volatile organic compounds are found in the air. VOC is not only in the outdoor environment they are also found in your indoors like offices, commercial and retail buildings, and even at home. Volatile organic compounds can be originated from several sources like paints, varnish, cleaning, cosmetics, and fuel, etc. The emission of volatile organic compounds and the odor associated with it often affects the quality of your indoor air and makes it unhealthy and stuffy. 

Mold– Your HVAC system’s ducts can often develop molds inside it. Mold in your house can be developed by various factors like plumbing issues at home, and even the shortage of humidity and moisture gives the origin of mold. It leaves a marked impact on your entire indoor air quality. 

Ways to improve your IAQ

Air Purifiers– Purification of your indoor air is important. You can use air purifiers to improve your indoor air quality. Air purifiers simply purify the indoor air pollutants, small particles in the air, air toxins, etc. The air purifier has the mechanism of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) which helps you to remove all the indoor smoke, molds, and allergens. An air purifier is also effective for patients with asthma and patients suffering from dust and smoke allergies. 

UV-C light system– UV-C Light System is another effective tool to refine your indoor air quality. UV-C light works with the technology of ultraviolet rays-UV germicidal irradiation which eliminates your indoor airborne pathogens and microbes like bacteria and viruses and makes your indoor air fresh and healthy. 

Humidifiers- You may feel some serious health-related issues if your indoor air is too much dry. Dry air also snatches your comfort and leaves a dryness in your body. It affects the quality of indoor belongings and damages them. So, proper humidity is needed at home. Having a humidifier at your home may give you several benefits and improves your indoor air. The humidifier produces the moisture and maintains the correct humidity, protects you from dryness, and retains all the home stuff of you safe. 


Will duct cleaning improve airflow?

Yes, duct cleaning is surely effective to improve your air quality and maintains proper airflow. A professional air duct cleaning helps you to eradicate air toxins, pollens in the air, molds, and microbes and promotes a hygienic environment to take a deep breath. You know healthy air and the environment are crucial to maintaining a perfect and medication-free lifestyle. Air duct cleaning also helps you to get rid of unpleasant smells of housing stuffs, paints, etc. The professional and fine cleaning of the air duct removes the odor from the air and gives your home a fresh flow of air. So, the rotational cleaning of the air duct is highly needed for your home.

How often is duct cleaning necessary?  

Air ducts needed professional and periodic cleaning. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests air cleaning of air ducts every 3-5 years.

So. If you are struggling with your indoor air quality and have a desire to cleanse it, please connect with an air duct cleaning service in Calgary. The furnace and duct cleaning Calgary cost very low and it is budget-friendly. Give your home and family fresh indoor air today!