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Professional Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

The AT Furnace is the best furnace cleaning company in calgary. In order to have your furnace function at its optimum performance levels, it is of the vital importance to have it thoroughly cleaned regularly by trained professionals. Here, at A.T. Furnace, we use specialized equipment and follow all guidelines to ensure a clean furnace system and the removal of all harmful buildup of things such as dust and debris that can lead to other issues including mold and mildew if left unattended. A furnace that is not properly maintained can produce air contaminated with particulates and pollutants and lower indoor air quality. A professional service of furnace and duct cleaning Calgary contributes to having improved efficiency, system reliability, prolonged equipment longevity of your furnace. It can also lead to fewer indoor pollutants, reduced energy demands and carbon tax levies. We are here to ensure that none of the aforementioned happen to your furnace by doing all the required and needful.

Free 21 Point Furnace Tune Up Included:

Furnace cleaning and maintenance are a must

Furnace cleaning at its best and a damn cheap price is available only from A. T. Furnace. Give us a call at 403-651-5895 today and grab exclusive deals to save more on your next service of best furnace cleaning Calgary.

We’re all about being GOOD, CHEAP, and BEST

Why choose us for best furnace cleaning Calgary?

  • We take optimal care of your residence.
  • Complete service of furnace and duct cleaning Calgary surroundings.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • Our technicians are the best in the industry.

What Services are Involved in Our Service?

Our professional Furnace cleaning team of experienced technicians conducts furnace duct cleaning in Calgary area. The service includes complete cleaning of the furnace as well as the motor, heat exchangers, main duct runs, and blower fan. Each of our members is highly trained to ensure maximum cleanliness and thus 100% customer satisfaction.


Benefits to Avail Complete Service of Furnace Duct Cleaning in Calgary?

A routine HVAC cleaning is quite helpful to keep your furnace running smoothly, efficiently, and safely while giving you complete peace of mind. The routine cleaning service helps you avoid any expensive breakdown. Also, it helps to keep your utility bills lower, making you able to save a lot.

It would be optimal to get the system cleaned once every two years. Over the years, grime, grease, dust, and dirt build-up in the furnace as well as the ductwork. It puts extra strain on the machine to run smoothly. Also, it leaves redundant dust particles in the home. Regular and professional cleaning is useful to keep the system performing at its best.

We often are surprised to see what finds its way into the duct system. Apart from pet hair and debris, we have also seen toys, photographs, and even underwear! How these things get into the vents is quite surprising. Ultimately, all of them can cause a fire hazard that nobody wants.

What are the Benefits of Furnace Cleaning?

Furnace cleaning is very important, especially for those who have asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. Furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning improve indoor air quality while making the air more breathable.

No need to cough and sneeze unnecessarily anymore. Buy your health and fitness only at a little cost. Remove excess dust and dirt from your home with premium furnace cleaning. You won’t need to do rigorous dusting too!

Allow us to make the indoor air quality of your home fresher and cleaner!

Allergens from pollutants, including pet hair, are not good for you or your family members. Over time,  it can cause respiratory illness and worsen any existing ones. A regular furnace cleaning is the best way to remove harmful airborne pollutants.

Hire professional services of furnace duct cleaning in Calgary?

Apart from regular cleaning (recommended to conduct once every two years), below are the other occasions when cleaning is essential.

  • Shifting – Are you shifting to a new home? Whether it’s a new one just built by the contractors or one that was being used before by other residents, make it a safe abode. Make furnace cleaning a priority to ensure that the home is clean for you, your family, and your new life.
  • Remodelling – Have you renovated your home recently? Dust particles can badly accumulate in the entire duct system. The situation could be even worse if you didn’t cover up the vents while the project was being carried out.
  • Having a pet in the family – Your furry friend can cause potential harm to your health. If your pet has medium to long hair, it can be bad for your furnace and thus your well-being. The pet hair easily accumulates in the duct and furnace, making the quality of indoor air poor.
  • Having asthma or allergies – Pet dander can be simply a nightmare for people with allergies. If you have allergies, your pet can make it worse. So, it would be highly recommended to clean the furnace and sanitize the home.
  • Having mice in the home – This can be another nightmare. Mice and mice droppings are often found in the HVAC system while being cleaned.


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