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Durable and Effective Dryer Vent Cleaning Calgary

AT Furnace is the best dryer vent cleaning service provider in calgary. We understand very well the importance of NOT having clogged dryer vents. Apart from posing a significant fire risk, they are attributed to being one of the leading causes of Fire in Canada. Your safety is of paramount importance. Our expert professionals will ensure they eliminate all the problems caused by blocked vents and therefore cause a drastic reduction in any possible occurrence of an accident.

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Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

A dryer vent is meant for drying your clothes and without the vent, it is hard to dry wet clothes. Proper installation of the dryer vent, troubleshooting it, and keeping it clean are the essential ways to make it function properly. Dryers work by tumbling wet clothes. A powered heater heats the air which is drawn through the clothes. As they tumble, the hot air heats the clothes making them dry. An exhaust vent pushes out the water from the dryer in the form of steam.

When your dryer vent gets clogged then it is very important to get it cleaned at the earliest. Often cleaning the vents of your dryer system is overlooked which results in the breakdown of the system. Therefore it is advised to call a professional as soon as you notice any irregularities in your system. Cleaning the vents will clean the debris of the total system that has built up over time. When the system is engaged in the process of drying your clothes then it is involved in removing moistures along with tiny fibers or lint. Lint and other debris get accumulated in the ductwork of the dryer vent. Thus the dark ductwork becomes moist making it an ideal breeding ground for molds.

Cleaning the dryer vent is very significant as it helps to reduce the risk of fire at your residence. According to a recent study, it is found that most of the dryer fires are caused due to debris collected in the vent. A.T Furnace is the best dryer vent cleaning calgary.

Here are certain indications that your dryer vent cleaning is necessary –

  • Normally it takes one drying cycle to dry one load of laundry. But if your dryer needs more than one cycle to dry it, then possibly cleaning the vent is necessary.
  • Consider cleaning your dryer vent if the dryer is overheating and if you see an increase in  your energy bill as a clogged dryer has to work hard to dry clothes.
  • The exhaust of a dryer is heavy and moist. If neglected it can become too wet thereby creating mold issues, water damage, and foul smells. You need to immediately clean your dryer if the clothes after being in the dryer smell musty.

What happens after cleaning the dryer vent ?

  • Firstly, It enables the dryer to perform well
  • Secondly, It can save dollars on monthly energy bills.
  • Thirdly, It allows your clothes to dry evenly and quickly.
  • Fourth, tt can prevent potential fire hazards.
  • It limits the growth of germs and molds on your clothes and home as well.
  • It enhances air quality and reduces indoor contaminants.

Not only at home, but dryer vents are also used in commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, hospitals, linen companies, and many other business locations. If not cleaned at regular intervals, it can turn into a problematic component. Proper maintenance and care are required strategies to prevent catastrophe. At A.T Furnace we can help you avoid such disasters and you can live a tension free healthy life. AT Furnace is the best dryer vent cleaning service provider in calgary. Many people use a do-it-yourself kit for dryer vent cleaning which is not a good option. Knowing the right procedure and having knowledge of the equipment is greatly important when it comes to dryer vent cleaning.

Difference Between DIY Cleaning and Professional Cleaning

Almost all homeowners need to clean their dryer vents at a certain point in time. Some owners opt for professional while others may approach for a self-cleaning. Both of them have drawbacks and benefits. If you are planning to do it yourself then, go and buy cleaning kits available in the market. You need to decide to buy one and also you must know how to use all these tools.

What happens when you clean the dryer vent yourself ?

It comes with long and flexible rods that connect a power drill on one end and a brush on the other. While these are combined, the brush starts spinning rapidly which in turn cleans the buildup of lint inside the dryer vent. While these may sound nice but as the brush is spinning and you are pulling the rod out, there is a chance that the brush is left inside the vent. And you would not be able to reach far inside the vent to get yourself what you have left inside. So this is one of the drawbacks while you try it yourself.

Another problem is that you do not know how deep and long is your dryer vent, so the rods may not reach the end of the vent line. And you are faced with another hazard when you end up pushing extra lint near the end of the line. Moreover, if the bristle of the brush you bought is not smooth enough it may cause damage to the duct line resulting in a puncture. And the hole may allow humid air and lint into the room which gives rise to molds and the accumulated lint can cause a fire hazard. But yes, in some instances, a kit can help you like when the vent line is straight with a small length (not more than 7 feet). In the case of major cleaning, hiring a professional is the best option. Cleaning the vents is not an option; it is a necessity for all dryers.

Why Professional Dryer Cleaning is Better?

Our professionals have quite a few different types of equipment to make sure the lint build-up is completely removed from the dryer vent. We have different methods of air filtration. The vacuum we use is very unique as compared to the one found in a normal shop. It can contain any amount of lint coming out without creating dust in the home. And we use a set of brushes to run through the entire length of the vent line. Our brushes and rods used are capable of overcoming any obstacles from lent buildups to rodent issues. At furnace is the best dryer vent cleaning service in calgary.

Sometimes we use the air compression method to knock away any obstructions inside the pipe. The one we use is a large air compressor powered by gas to handle any blockage. We have experience of cleaning hundreds of dryer vents and our experts know exactly what the problem with your dryer vent is. We carry all the materials required and we gain the right knowledge of how to get the job done.

Do dryer vents need to e Professionally cleaned ?

Yes, you should definitely clean the dryer vents regularly by cleaning professionals. It is good to have the dryer exhaust vents cleaned and inspected at least once a year. For some homeowners it may sound astonishing, but to get your dryer vent properly cleaned, you must call for a qualified professional. A clogged dryer vent is never safe and can adversely affect you. With regular use lint from the clothes gets accumulated in the dryer vent which can cause a very serious fire hazard as the hot air used to dry the clothings cannot pass through the vent. It can turn into a serious problem if the vent gets clogged with a bunch of dried out lint.

However it is not necessary to clean the vents monthly. There are plenty of warning signs and you must be aware of that. If your clothes are taking too much time to dry or if your dryer is getting overheated through the cycle or if you smell burning when using the dryer, then it may be an unclean or clogged vent. Just emptying the lint is not enough. You do not know how long your dryer vent and it could be more complex than you think. Get an expert to clean it out to avoid any kind of hazards. Scheduling a dryer vent cleaning with us ensures that the job is done right. Call us today to set up your appointment. At furnace is the best dryer vent cleaning company in calgary.

How to look for professional dryer vent cleaning services Calgary

  • Firstly, first of all, you have to search on Google. Search for cleaning services in your area. Also, you should ask your friends and neighborhoods for a recommendation. Make sure the service company you choose is experienced in this field.
  • And secondly, you need to ensure that the service provider has insurance. Because a service provider with insurance will cover up the damage done to your home, if done any at the time of cleaning, without making arguments.
  • Thirdly, On the other hand, it is also important to go for those companies whose technicians have got insurance. The workers may get injured while cleaning your dryer, so make sure to look for proof of both.
  • Any reputable company will provide an estimated price when you ask for it. We recommend not going for too low estimates as that may indicate poor service. A.T Furnace is the best Dryer vent cleaning calgary.
  • Speak over the phone with the service provider to demonstrate professionalism and the quality of the service. If they do not talk professionally, it is better to avoid that one. Professionalism is the first thing to look for in a reputed service provider.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Calgary – the Need and Importance

It is not a big deal if you forget about your dryer vent while doing your periodic cleaning spree. Dryer vents are the most unseen and unthought-of systems in the house or the office. However, neglecting to hire experienced and professional services of dryer vent cleaning Calgary will expose you to a number of risks indoors. Cleaning your dryer vent will relieve you from the potential fire hazards and boost your dryers’ energy efficiency and longevity. Moreover, the possibility of fabric damage will be reduced along with the problem of partial drying up of clothes. Best Dryer vent cleaning calgary.

Warning Signs for Booking Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Calgary

Now, it is known that cleaning dryer vents is highly important. But, how do you know when is the right time to seek such services, given that the dryer vents remain mostly neglected. Well, several signs can lead you to start searching for agencies or service providers for dryer vent cleaning in Calgary. Some of these common warning signals are mentioned below –

1) You noticed a Musty Odour: A moldy or musty smell does not develop overnight. It is a result of a long period of dampness and mold accumulation. If you notice such a smell, that means there is some filth in the dryer vent, and you need to get rid of them.

2) Use of dryer emanates Burning Smell: Are you not sure why you get a burning smell while operating your dryer? Fabric Pilling and Lint are common occurrences in households, and these may get clogged in the dryer vents. It is not surprising that these fuzzes are flammable and, therefore, may catch fire easily. So do not delay in calling your nearest dryer vent cleaning service in Calgary when such a smell arises.

3)  Drying Clothes is Getting Tedious for You: You certainly would not like it if your dryer is working slow and delaying clothes’ drying. If you cannot figure out what makes it take longer than the usual time, it is the clog that obstructs the escape of hot air from the dryer easily.

4)  You Feel the Clothes and Dryer are Unusually Hot: If you cannot hold your dryer while it is on due to its burning hot temperature and the same passes on to your clothes, it is high time to get your dryer vent cleaned. It mainly happens due to the clogging of dryer vents and the inability to pass hot air.

Apart from these traits, visible excessive lint debris around dryer flap or hose or on your clothes. Non-attendance of dryer vents for over a year implies that it is time to book the best dryer vent cleaning Calgary without thinking.

Ensure Complete Dryer Vent Cleaning with AT Furnace

Creating healthy homes is a mission of AT Furnace and a part of its drive to provide excellent dryer vent cleaning calgary. Apart from these, the company offers an industry-leading solution for cleaning every important home and office vents, ducts, and surfaces. With a team of skilled and well-experienced technicians, the company has managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the cleaning services industry. Whether you need to clean your home or corporate office, AT Furnace is the name to rely on in Calgary. So book your appointment now!

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