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Air Duct Cleaning Services Calgary

AT Furnace is the best air duct cleaning calgary. Air duct cleaning makes a home more breathable. It boosts heating and cooling capacity by as much as 20%. As a result, you can expect lower utility bills. You can save even more with air duct cleaning specials that help the heating and cooling air system perform even better. Grab our deals for more savings. Make your home healthier and more hygienic with proper air duct cleaning. We have some great deals to offer so you can save a lot on your next air duct cleaning service from us. Air duct cleaning Calgary can make your winter months cozier and let you enjoy refreshing, cool summers at home. You don’t have to worry about putting a dent in your pocket. For more information, check out the following.

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Frequency of Cleaning the Air Ducts

According to the experts, air ducts need to be cleaned at least once every 3 to 5 years to remove excess dirt, dust, and other harmful pollutants. However, you can decide whenever you need to conduct a cleaning session. If the system makes odd sounds, that indicates that the machine is working harder than normal to work correctly. If you notice any foul smell, then that is also a good time to call a professional for a service. Nevertheless, a thorough cleaning every 3 years is good enough to remove grime, hair, grit, and dander that could otherwise clog up the ducts. Call our expert team specialized in cleaning HVAC systems.

Why Regular Furnace Air Duct Cleaning is a Must

The furnace system in your house is as important as other HVAC parts of your house, therefore make sure that it is provided with proper care and maintenance. There are various things you can do to keep it in perfect working condition. Furnace cleaning is important throughout the year but during the winter season, it becomes of utmost importance. Make sure the furnace is cleaned before the onset of winter to avoid any kind of hazards in the middle of winter. A.T Furnace is the best air duct cleaning Services calgary.

Most of the furnace owners know that an annual checkup of the HVAC system is mandatory, but very few of us take it seriously. Maintenance of the furnace means tuning up the system, which means all the moving parts and electrical connections will be working well.

If you want to prevent excessive electric bills, you need to  focus on your furnace maintenance. It is common to have issues with furnaces but maintenance will reduce the risk. It improves the lifespan of the heating system and enhances better indoor air quality.

If you own a furnace, it is very essential to maintain it regularly. Homeowners maintain a strict schedule to keep their home and its surroundings clean but despite being so active, they may forget to take care of one important thing among their household materials.

Not only homeowners but various commercial departments also use the furnace system. Furnace cleaning is an important job and should be maintained throughout the year. Read on to know when to consider cleaning your furnace.

What does a furnace tune-up involve ?

Furnace cleaning involves all the individual components of the furnace- like the blower motor, burners, fan, chamber, etc. Typically these components are cleaned with an industrial vacuum and high-pressure air. Other  parts that are heavy lifting like the evaporator coil require specialized cleaning with an additional cost. AT Furnace is the best air duct cleaning company in calgary.

When a quality cleaning is done, it minimizes the debris in the heating unit which improves airflow and increases energy efficiency. It also reduces contaminants entering the air ducts to re-circulate throughout the system. A  furnace tune-up prevents system breakdowns and assures that your heating system will work safely all winter long.

When shall you consider cleaning your furnace?

  • Firstlly, the most common furnace problem is the malfunctioning of the thermostat. When you notice that
    the fan is constantly running, then for sure the thermostat is not working. Due to this, the battery will consume more energy.
  • Secondly, a cracked heat exchanger is unfortunately a costly issue. If the heat goes out of the system, call a furnace repairing technician to diagnose the problem. Maybe the heat exchanger requires a  replacement.
  • Thirdly, a dirty or clogged filter is another issue that can significantly reduce the efficiency of the furnace. It
    can result in the damage of the limit switch. Make sure the filters are swapped out at regular intervals to increase the performance of the furnace.
  • Fourth, flickering or yellow-colored pilot light may indicate excessive carbon monoxide in the gas furnace. If there is any change in the pilot light then give a call to a local furnace technician.
  • Fifth, another common furnace issue is if it is not blowing air. There could be a handful of reasons behind this like the blower may be clogged due to the formation of debris. If the flashing light on the blower turns red, it’s time to call the technician.
  • Sixth, if any rattling type of noise is coming out of the furnace this could be due to loose panels on the furnace that need to be tightened.
  • Seventh, if you have a frequent cycle furnace, then the filters may be clogged, the airflow is improper or the furnace is running too high or too low. A.T furnace is the best air duct cleaning calgary.

Why Furnace Cleaning is Essential

Most of the furnace attracts dust and other particles and these get accumulated to form debris. When the furnace works to heat your room, it is not that easy but it is quite troublesome. If it is not kept clean, the harmful debris gets scattered around your house which can cause different types of health issues. Those people who are prone to colds /cough and have a greater chance to be infected by harmful viruses or germs.

The humidity or condensation released during the normal operation of the furnace builds up microbial growth on internal parts of the system. Without proper maintenance, these issues can lead to the breakdown of the system, loss of efficiency, and a shorter lifespan. The internal components like the blowers and heat exchanger start corroding leading to carbon monoxide leaking and reduced performance. Best Air duct cleaning in calgary.

Expectation during a furnace Tune-up

Tuning up your furnace regularly takes you a long way. Allow your contractor to do a proper inspection of your furnace to monitor any long-term issue. This will prevent inconvenient breakdown or premature failure during the winter months. There are many manufactures with warranty documentation and installation or maintenance of the system is a part of the warranty conditions. Suppose you have a ten-year warranty, you will get the coverage valid for a full  ten years.

When you call a service provider for maintenance, your dealer will eventually check your furnace in different modes of operation and then shut off the power to perform several inspection and cleaning tasks.

Furnace cleaning services may differ from contractor to contractor but most of the dealers perform the same task as a standard routine checkup appointment which includes:

  • Firstly, checking the thermostat operation
  • Secondlly,Check and clean the filter, in case any dispute is found, it is replaced
  • Thirdly, check and clean the burner and igniter in the combustion chamber.
  • Fourthly, run the system furnace in heating mode and record temperature from both the supply and return air ducts to make sure that the output is within the specification provided by the manufacturer.
  • Fifth, Check and then adjust the gas valve.
  • Sixth, If the furnace is quite older, then they evaluate and tune the pilot light system.
  • Seventhly, the furnace is inspected for high-temperature problems or burned wires.
  • Eighth, The heat exchanger is cleaned and checked for any leaks or holes. Book now for air duct cleaning in calgary. The ductwork and the fuel pipe are inspected.
  • Ninth, inspection of the blower and the motor is done and the technician may remove the blower if needed.
  • Tenth, check for any leaks in the fuel supply components or the gas line. After the completion of the service, your service provider will provide a written record of the inspections along with results and recommendations.

Here are the situations that require an extra cleaning session:

The In Efficiency of the HVAC Unit

During scheduled AC servicing by any dependable and experienced air duct cleaning services Calgary, technicians usually recommend duct cleaning because dirty ductwork can affect the system’s efficiency. As such, the heating and cooling of the home may suffer. Over time, debris and dust get accumulated in the system blocking the passages. This blockage causes air to not travel through properly.

If the air ducts and filters are clogged up, the AC and heater have to work harder. Subsequently, it results in wastage of energy as well as your money on utility bills. Dirt and debris can damage the unit over time. Unwanted particles travel through delicate parts of the system resulting in wear, clogs, and untimely breakdowns.

Cleaning the ducts maximizes the efficiency and longevity of the unit. Many factors can impact the condition of the interior of the air ducts – from regular wear and tear to inappropriate installation and extended exposure to contaminants and moisture. A thorough duct cleaning is a thing that your home requires. Book for air duct cleaning Services calgary.

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