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Trouble breathing around the house? Why don’t you check your furnace and clean air duct with us so we can make a comprehensive assessment to eliminate any lingering doubts and provide you with a cleaner, fresher air?

About A.T. Furnace

At Furnace is the best furnace cleaning company in Calgary. We are a family-owned and reputed service provider of furnace cleaning as well as air duct cleaning calgary. We spend ample time with customers to explain and answer any questions that they may have. We offer optional camera inspections for an additional fee. Many years of experience in the duct & furnace cleaning field puts us at an edge above the competition. We have expertise in residential customers with a target of also satisfying and servicing corporate clients. Many companies offer the same service, but we pride ourselves in placing “quality over quantity.

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Efficient Duct Cleaning for Lower Utility Bills

You cannot skip the mention of Furnaces, when talking about HVACs.  As much as you need air conditioning to cool a place, you also need furnace to heat the interiors, especially during the winters. This is done by way of fluid transfer intermittently. Meanwhile you need to be prepared for paying increased bills. Although there is hardly any scope to save, there is small possibility. But, what exactly can contribute to this reduction? If you think the answer is playing with the temperature settings, you are not right unfortunately. The key is looking for a reliable service for cleaning the furnace duct.

Besides proper airway duct cleaning calgary for air-conditioners, fans, and grills, you must clean the duct for the furnaces too. The passage to the furnace or the panel of the structure can get blocked with dust and slower the heating process . We offer the best furnace cleaning in calgary and assure that your electricity bill will be lower with better and easier machine heating. For other products like a fan, air-conditioner and grills, it takes more time, and more electricity is consumed if they are not clean enough. We acknowledge this and provide complete cleaning services of air duct at a reasonable price.

Our aim is not only to save your appliances but also to secure your health. You can be assured to breathe fresh air and receive less harmful heating when we take the responsibility of cleaning air duct of your home. We guarantee a better and complete service from our expert cleaners. We start with an inspection and then decide the steps we need to take for furnace cleaning in Calgary.

Benefits of Cleaning the Furnace Duct

The importance of air duct duct cleaning lies in the impact it has on the occupants’ health.  Eliminating contamination and congestion is an important factor in maintaining HVAC system and the same applies for the ducts. By availing services of duct cleaning calgary, one can keep the air duct clean that helps in its proper functioning.  You can have the following benefits by cleaning your home air duct –

  • It removes airborne contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, molds, animal dander, dirt, pollen grains, chemical residues and others that accumulate in the ductwork.
  • It improves the indoor air quality and allows household members to inhale pure air.
  • The professional services of duct cleaning can help in maintaining the cleanliness of your homes by keeping contaminants at bay.
  • The heating and cooling capacity of the HVAC is restored that result in reduced running time, ultimately cutting down the utility bills.
  • You will be spared from the need of replacing old ductwork and install a new system.
  • The specks of dust that refuse to leave your place no matter what measure you may take . So, our experts assure you of lesser dust and dirt at the furnace duct with our expert services.
  •  You can save on your electric bill every month with the efficient cleaning services of furnace duct.
  • Bacteria, mold, and mildew love to stay in dust, and they find their way to the duct for a better extension. So we make sure all these toxins are completely eliminated .
  • The toxic air and heat from the furnace you require in winter can spread throughout your room, and people who have allergies or asthma can be in danger. Our professional duct cleaning approaches assures you of no such element after a complete cleaning.
  • Your systems will get a prolonged life with our expert handling of furnace cleaning.  We are one of the leading service providers of duct cleaning calgary, furnace cleaning in calgary care for the customers and dedicate themselves to provide the best services at the most reasonable price.

How often should you have your furnace cleaned ?

It is important to maintain your gas furnace for numerous reasons. Apart from the fact that proper maintenance of your furnace allows it to last for several years, it also ensures that it is operating effectively and efficiently. Neglecting furnace cleaning at the right time may cause several issues resulting in the system breakdown. Once the furnace system reaches this condition, repairing may then cost much more that of preventative maintenance.

One of the common and biggest problems of a faulty furnace is the dirty filter. This can be easily avoided if you make it a habit to change the filters regularly. It is good to change your filters every three to four months and get a full servicing of the furnace once a year. The best time to cleaning your furnace is during the warmer months when it has no job to be done or just at the onset of winter season so that it gives a smooth service during the winter months.

We have worked with furnaces for decades and have hands-on experience in the industry. We recommend you to go for professional maintenance once a year. Annual inspections, cleaning and repairs of the furnace ensure that the system is working properly, does not use too much energy, does not fall apart suddenly and lasts a long time. Regular maintenance also helps maintain indoor air quality and minimize health risks. So contact with at furnace cleaning company for cleaning your furnace duct.

Can you clean your furnace yourself ?

To say, cleaning your furnace completely is not an easy task and takes time and effort. If you don’t want to disassemble most of the machine parts, it’s best to hire a professional to clean your furnace once a year. In fact, some furnace warranties will be void if you don’t do a professional cleaning once a year.

However, one task of maintaining a furnace can – and should – be done by anyone, that is, changing the filter. The filters of the furnace capture dust, dirt, allergens, and more so that it functions well. A good filter will also keep away pollutants from the air so that you don’t inhale them.

Washing or changing the filter regularly will keep the furnace running smoothly and keep the air you breathe clean and fresh. Complete cleaning of the furnace system is a more complex process that takes three to four hours. For most homeowners, this is a job better left to an HVAC professional.

A qualified HVAC specialist cleans the combustion chamber, replaces the oil filter for oil-powered furnaces, adjusts the burner and tests it for proper functioning, and disassembles the blower assembly for a thorough cleaning. They will also check your furnace while they clean it, notifying you of any problems they find.

Reach A.T. Furnace for your
Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

For the sake of your family’s safety, for an enhanced air quality and for boosting the heating efficiency of your furnace, furnace maintenance and tune-up is highly recommended and A.T. Furnace takes care of this aspect duly. Hire us for an experience of hassle-free furnace cleaning services and other related solutions.

You can rest assure and give the responsibility of cleaning your furnace and air duct to AT Furnace . We will not only secure your duct clearing but also will make your family healthy and wealthy with our best services of furnace cleaning. We make sure the dust and the toxic elements are completely removed . You can contact us any time for a kind of query related to your air duct or furnace cleaning. Our customer care executive is pleased to answer your questions right then and there . You can make an appointment with At Furnace to avail any of our cleaning services.

At Furnace is at your service 24/7 throughout the year. We make sure to book the cleaning service during a time that works with your schedule . We claim to be the best air duct cleaner and have a track record of serving thousands of households with our quality services. We establish the reliability among the customers as the best service provider of furnace cleaning and take care of any affordability issues of our customer base to reach a large audience with our exclusive services . AT Furnace is one of the best furnace cleaning company in Calgary.


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What We Can Do For You

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air conditioners, like any other mechanical equipment, require regular maintenance and proper care.

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Furnace Cleaning

AT furnace that is not properly maintained can produce air contaminated with particulates and pollutants. AT Furnace offer furnace cleaning calgary.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are attributed to being one of the leading causes of fire in Canada. AT Furnace offer best duct cleaning services in calgary.

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Duct Cleaning Calgary

Having clean ductwork is vital in ensuring the maintenance of efficient airflow through your HVAC system.


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Louise Hudon
Louise Hudon
I would recommend Paul and Dillon to anyone. They are professional, courteous and personable. They completed the work in a short time and fixed a little problem that was not on the list of things to do. Thank you A.T. Furnace for a super job!
Moe Shaath
Moe Shaath
Very good service at a very reasonable price
Mary Kowalski
Mary Kowalski
Paul and Dylan did an exceptional job cleaning the furnace and vents and they left no mess when finished. I definitely will use them again. Thanks guys.
Gary James
Gary James
Paul and his crew contacted me before they arrived, and worked professionally.
Dylan Brownlee
Dylan Brownlee
Great customer service, Paul was able to resolve my problem over the phone and assisted via text message. He stood out from past furnace repair shops by following up and generally caring about helping rather than billing hours doing unnecessary visits and minimum charge assessments. A really painless experience. Thanks again!
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D
Furnace cleaning is one of those out of place out of mind things. I didnt realize how dirty mine got. I can literally smell the difference. I highly recommend these guys. Quick and efficient service. 10/10 will call them again for my next furnace cleaning. Thanks Paul.
Valerie M
Valerie M
Paul and Dylan did an excellent job of my furnace cleaning! They were friendly, punctual, and they removed all of the cold air return and heating duct covers, so they could be sprayed out thoroughly. They also sprayed out my bathroom vents and furnace filters for no charge. I ESPECIALLY appreciated that there is a set charge for their furnace cleaning, not a per vent charge, so the quote they give you before arriving is the price you pay! They are also part of BBB, which I determine to be a necessity before hiring a business. (PS. I'm already noticing that the dust isn't collecting like it was before. Yay!)
“Great service. Paul showed up on time and got the job done in an hour. Great price. We even had our vents screwed on and they had to take a few off. Was very nice to see that they put them back on too.”
Doug S
“Excellent service and affordable price. Thank you Paul and Dylan for showing exceptional service and be right on time. Very satisfied with their service and I would definitely use them again.”
“We used to see dust settling on our counters and furniture within 24 hrs of cleaning. After we had our ducts/furnace cleaned there was a noticeable difference, and the air feels much cleaner. The before and after pics give me an added sense of thoroughness.”
Julie M
“Recently used A.T. Furnace and was pleasantly surprised by the level of service they provided. All my questions were answered quickly, the service was conducted on time and efficiently and they were very thorough. Would use again in the future. AT Furnace is the best furnace cleaning company in calgary.”
Sylina L
“Exceptional service, right on time, polite and courteous, best prices out of everyone I checked. Very satisfied with them and I'll be happy to use them again.”
Kody C
“Wonderful service from Paul and company. He was the first of the companies I called that gave a reasonably priced estimate and was reasonable in the charges for the work and stuck to his estimate. I also asked him to clean out birds nests from some ducts and he did it no problem! Im amazed at how much debris was in the ducts so am so happy I got them to do the work. Professional and friendly and most importantly took their shoes off at the house and were clean! Highly recommend this company as honest and reliable furnace and duct cleaners and they are now my go to for this!”
Adi C
We have dealt with A.T. Furnace and Duct Cleaning Company for several years and find these people to be outstanding in knowledgeable service, repair and product replacement. They are a highly competent and totally trustworthy family business with many years of valued experience. We would not, for a moment, hesitate to highly recommend Paul Taylor and Dillon Taylor to maintain our heating needs. They have a caring and helpful attitude and always stay in touch when appointments are made to ensure prompt and efficient, reasonably priced service.
L.Ryan Family
Arbour Lake NW

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