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21 Point Furnace Tune Up Included:

1. Inspect and clean the blower motor, wheel and housing.Satisfaction Guarantee
2. If it's an older model we lubricate the furnace blower motor, check belt and replace if needed.
3. Check combustion blower for any obstructions and lint, clean as required.
4. In gas furnaces we inspect for any gas leaks.
5. Inspect the condensate lines and pan, drain as required.
6. Check evaporator coil.
7. Inspect burner and clean if necessary.
8. Check safety controls, ignition and adjust if required.
9. Perform a complete inspection of the heat exchanger and/or heat elements.
10. Check the flue system ensuring good connections. Inspect for corrosion.
11. Check all electrical systems including control box, wiring and connections.
12. Inspect air filters and replace as needed.
13. Check ductwork for any leaks.
14. Review system start up for errors.
15. Listen for sounds that may indicate a furnace issue.
16. Detect any unusual odors and search for source.
17. Review air conditioning and heat pumps while HVAC system is running.
18. Measure indoor and outdoor bulbs for pressure.
19. Check all furnace system pressures, including high and low side and manifold.
20. Measure temperature rise and adjust.
21. Inspect vent system while furnace is operating.

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